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Begin Again

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Hi friends, I hope this new year is talking nicely. If not, it's all good, we'll start over next month haha. Have you been keeping your health in check? It's been a long last couple of years as a collective. Are we doing okay? I'm just checking in with ya'll and sharing how I view 2022: I like to think every new year feels refreshing. I can look at the previous year overall and do some much needed reflection. It's much easier to set out goals I can attain. Although at the end of the day, it's not the time in which you start, it's the act of taking the first step towards your new and improved goals. So this year it's tunnel vision. I hope some of my own personal goals are similar to yours or inspires you to do the same! Be more disciplined. What's hussle without discipline? Committing to make efforts, big or small, brings you closer to what you want in this life.To be honest, I'm the type of perfectionist that gets too into their head and creates nothing at all. It's frustrating to say the least. Procrastination out of fear, not creating or doing something "right" is always discouraging. So, this year let's change that. Pursue your passions. Not for profit, but for simple enjoyment. It takes lots of motivation for me to get up and do the damn thing. Then I remember a quote that said, "Which do you want- the pain of staying where you are, or the pain of growth?" It's big uncomfortable but the satisfaction of getting it done and noticing the changes it took to get to where you are, is euphoric. Be soft. If you understand this goal then I feel you. Sometimes life really throws some big waves at you and you feel expected to ride it like a pro. You take it upon yourself to just know how. Well, sorry to say, but it's unrealistic. I'm learning that its okay to let your tough, independent guard down from time to time and just be. I believe being vulnerable is extremely admirable. I feel like people usually don't like to share their deep vulnerable thoughts and emotions or sometimes even know how. Allow yourself to be understood by the right people. This is perfectly okay until you don't share this side of yourself with the world at all. Maybe even to those around you. So just a reminder that vulnerability actually creates a connection with those you share that with. Appreciate those moments. The world is already so tough on us and places these pressures to deal with. Since I've practiced this here and there so far, I've felt extra grateful for friends and even strangers I've gotten to know on a slightly deeper level. To these people, I'm glad you exist. Be open to what I deserve. No one tells you how challenging it is to learn how to properly value oneself. It's a personal uphill battle at first figuring out that you are absolutely worthy of everything you aspire to have. You might find yourself dealing with fear, second-guessing, & unfamiliarity. Just make sure you make those efforts that will place you in line to receive success! Want it. It's yours. The mind can play tricks on you and have you doubtful sometimes. Don't mind those intrusive thoughts. Making those necessary efforts only proves that you're indeed deserving of what you seek. You gotta have faith in yourself and be optomistic that it'll fall in place. Stay focused, elevate your conversations, and believe in you These are just a few of my New Years Resolutions! I'd add more but your girl is low on caffeine so that's all for now. I hope 2022 is a prosperous year for us all. Take it easy x WITH LOVE, RZA

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