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Confidently Lost

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

I've heard time and again that the most challenging part about reaching your goals is simply to just begin. This is facts. Based on personal experience, this entire creative pursuit has been sitting in my beautiful mess of a mind for a good while. The words in my first post won't describe how great the feeling is to see this project finally take off for ya'll to read but here's an attempt: Many of us are constantly striving for a sense of satisfaction or happiness right? What if I told you it's as simple as looking inwards? I'm talking about your individual talents, visions, taste in art, music, writing, or style. Who else chooses this besides ourselves? So give yourself a well deserved moment of appreciation for trying to be authentic. You're as talented as the person or inspiration you strive to be. No but seriously, you're dope. I want to be transparent about how difficult, yet exciting it is to create a version of yourself that isn't limited by your own fears. Its much easier to sit in what is comfortable but when you find yourself wanting more, what you're really searching for is that new thrill that introduces you to something positive you aren't quite used to. If there's an idea that comes to mind that you've wanted to bring to life, make it happen. My purpose behind creating this blog is to introduce what I enjoy out of life itself in hopes of reaching anyone who may resonate. I encourage ya'll to find The Fine Elements in your own life and create what your passion is telling you to do. The world could use some of it! I'm hyped to share what I have in store but in the meantime, thank you and I appreciate any readers tapped into my work! If you'd like to get to know me follow my socials/click my about WITH LOVE, RZA

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