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"Pieced up with peace & love"

If there's one thing about me, I love to look good and show out whenever I have reason to! The way I view fashion is it's ability to allow creative, personal self- expression. Just like how one's taste and variety in music can be telling. (Stay tuned!) Here's a look into my closet:

I love this fit. I thrifted this oversized traditional coat locally but what caught my eye was the color that changes in different light. Pieces of clothing that stand out in color or pattern have me in a chokehold. Take my money, immediately. Dress is from Zara. Shades are Ray Bans

If only ya'll knew how much I wear a fit like this as often as I can. Don't get me wrong, I love to dress up, but staying cozy? Could never be too cozy. C'mon now Pulp Fiction Anime Shirt from Koioki Inc. Joggers from Zara (See that color? Fire.)

Alright, full disclaimer and warning that there will be a few tops from Shein I ordered an edible from there once and I'm pretty sure that's what pushed me into my spiritual journey. No regrets xo Victoria's Secret mini skirt thrifted locally Sarcasm is self developed

Orange. Once of the most fun and prettiest colors to exist. It might even be the most vibrant color I have most in my closet Bright colors with a denim jean is that girl. Shirt was a gift, shoutout to my mama, ily Pants are old school Levis

The colors may be soft but together has the fit loud in style, this color combo is great I'll usually go out in something like this with my Nike Blazers or Converse Sweater is a local homie's brand Momformal Shorts are Nike

I love to throw together pieces that flatter me and make me feel hugged This backless top is another one of my faves in my closet just cause it snatches the waist & has a cute boho print Top (I've had since high school) F21 Lucky Brand jeans thrifted from Kobeys

Back at it again with a top from Shein Shorts are Nike I remember I copped this sweater because the bears reminded me of Kanye's Dropout bear I rarely wear pink but this was for sure an exception, I mean look at em!

BLACKANDYELLOWBLACKANDYELLOW One thing I will do is layer in the winter. I decided to throw in one winter fit into the mix because its honestly fun. When it starts to get warm, each layer just gets better IKNOWYOUSEEIT I've always admired people with great fashion sense & knowledge behind it I can't wait to see how my sense of style evolves over time Therefore cheers to my first of many lookbooks

What about your personal style do you admire most?

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