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The City

"I know you wanna vacay to a place where you could take pictures, post on insta" quoted by the man himself, Aubrey Drizzy Drake Graham. I love almost everything about traveling. Airports are oddly fun when you pretend to be the most mysterious person heading to an exclusive destination. This is cool until you're trying to catch some sleep on the plane but by the 4th hour you say fuck it. Anyways, I'm a firm believer in the West Coast being the best coast don't get me wrong, but my first time on the East Coast was like no other. Tons of fun. Initially, I guessed a short trip to New York would have a lot to offer for my partner and I. Luckily this was true! We made the most of it considering we stayed for just 4 days. Let me say less:

I spent a few nights at a unique hotel located at a perfect distance from Time Square and convenient restaurants. I highly recommend staying at Yotel New York for a chill ambience and friendly staff. You can't miss out smacking on a classic bagel to start your day either

Ahhh I love me some Nightlife. Everything about the energy at night from the dark hues of the sky, the street lights illuminating your path, and the city roaring different pitches and volumes in every corner. Everything just seems to come to life. New York hit differently once the sun came down. I felt like the real fun had just started, people finally clocked out and were ready to have fun and slow down. All around in the city there was plenty of great food to offer. Good eats in particular were located on Bleaker Street in Greenwich Village. More specifically, we had a tasteful Italian dinner over at a spot called Nitti's with quality pasta and top notch drinks. Cheers! I'd love to also mention we really captured NYC at its prime 10,000 feet in the air when we rode a helicopter. Yeah, I said it. Let's just say I'm great at surprises. If you find yourself wanting a lil more spice in your life, I recommend a scenic heli ride 100%

I enjoy a bit of soul searching when I travel. I love to practice being present in every moment especially when I'm away from home. I watched the sun go down while on the Highline and caught a satisfying shot of the pastel skies and gorgeous buildings. I loved to see couples holding hands and friends enjoying themselves in a city so pretty! I was happy and at peace. Before I wrap this post up, I also want to share I went to some pretty enlightening museums! If you ever find yourself in NYC, you will most definitely enjoy The Rubin Museum of Art. As shown above, Facing Chaos encourages you to pause and be present every now & then friend. We forget that the craziness that's all around us in the world and within our own lives, might have overworked us more than our mind & body can handle. It's okay to breathe and be at peace with what is. Right here. Right now. Refresh. Then restart, again and again. You are accomplishing each and every day. The good and bad. You should give yourself props "It ain't perfect but everything is beautiful here." - Magic Hour Until next time New York, thanks for being good to me With love, RZA

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